Bachelor Programme

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Language Studies

At the start of the three-year Bachelor programme you choose two foreign languages from a list of seven: German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish or Turkish. At least one of your languages has to be English, French or German. With the exception of French and English, prior knowledge of a language is not a requirement.

Alongside acquiring proficiency in two foreign languages, you will learn about the cultural and literary contexts of the countries where those languages are spoken.

Students of Applied Language Studies are expected to do a good deal of self-study: learning vocabulary at home, analysing or writing a text independently, structuring a section of the syllabus, measuring your own progress and retrieving information from the internet. We organise extra tutoring sessions to help you acquire those skills..

Under an international exchange programme, such as Erasmus or Socrates, all students will spend the first term of their third year at one of our partner universities in or outside the EU.

In the final year of the Bachelor programme you will write a Bachelor’s Essay on a subject that you choose from within the field of Applied Languages. Writing this essay will help you develop research skills that will prepare the way for the Master programme.

Course specifications in Dutch