Call for papers: Multilingual Perspectives on Professional Discourse in Europe

The topical and methodological scope of this conference has been kept as wide as possible, though a number of foci of attention have been included. The communicative context will be restricted to Europe and main topics include multilingual internal and external, written or oral communication in organizational and institutional settings (meetings, hearings, e-mails, press releases, annual reports, etc.).

‚ÄčSpecific attention will be paid to:

  • Multilingualism and identity construction in a professional context
  • Multilingualism and enactment of power in a professional context
  • Speech act realizations in multilingual professional settings
  • Change management communication in multilingual professional settings
  • Localized financial reporting from a multilingual perspective
  • Language policy in international organizations
  • Science communication in multilingual professional settings
  • (interpreter mediated) service encounters in multilingual settings
  • Public service interpreting

The conference (10-11 September 2015) is open to a variety of theoretical and (multi-)methodological approaches, such as ethnographic, sociolinguistic, (intercultural and cross-cultural) pragmatic and corpus-based approaches.

We welcome papers on any of the subjects listed above or on any other topic related to professional communication in Europe from a multilingual/intercultural perspective. We especially welcome papers that re-examine theoretical frameworks, explore new methodologies and discuss the merits and flaws of data triangulation and/or focus on practical applications.

Deadline for receipt of abstracts is 15 February 2015