Call for Papers: Translation [and Interpreting] in Transition 3 (Ghent, 13-14 July 2017)

After successful editions in Copenhagen in 2014 and Germersheim in 2015, we are pleased to announce that the third Translation in Transition Conference will be held on July 13-14, 2017 at the department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication of Ghent University.

​TT3 wants to offer a forum to researchers involved with the theory-informed empirical study of translation, interpreting and hybrid forms (audio-visual translation, live-subtitling, sight translation, sign language interpreting…). We are particularly interested to hear how methods and technologies that are typically associated with product research (corpus-based methods, statistical data analysis) or process research (EEG, keystroke logging, eye-tracking) can be successfully combined in both translation and interpreting research. 

We welcome papers from the following fields of research:

  • ​Translation and interpreting process research
  • Corpus-based translation and interpreting research
  • Multivariate statistical analysis of translational and interpreting data
  • Corpus- and process-based research of audio-visual translation, sign language interpreting etc.
  • Reading, writing and post-editing processes in translation and interpreting
  • Translation and interpreting cognition
  • Speech recognition and translation
  • Intelligent machine translation


You can submit your abstract until 7 February 2017 via the Easychair platform. There, you can either copy-paste your abstract in the Abstracts field or you can choose to upload your abstract in PDF format. If you choose to do the latter, please use our MS Word template and convert it into PDF format for uploading. In addition, you should write "see uploaded pdf file" in the Abstracts field since it is a mandatory field.