Postgraduaat Computer-Assisted Language Mediation

Why choose for CALM?

CALM complements language and communication degrees such as Masters in Translation, Interpreting, Multilingual Communication, Languages and Literature, Journalism Studies and Communication Studies, etc. but we also welcome graduates from other fields of study such Masters in Engineering, etc.

Whom is CALM intended for?

  • for master's degree holders who are interested in a career in the language, translation and communication industry and who wish to develop their technological competencies
  • for candidates who do not hold a master’s degree provided they have acquired the necessary competencies through training or through relevant experience. They will have to demonstrate and submit proof of their elsewhere acquired competencies or professional experience.
  • for language professionals who wish to enhance their technological and digital skills

Course structure

CALM is a one-year programme consisting of 60 credits. Consult the course programme for more detailed information.

  • eight 5-credit modules (first two trimesters)
  • a 20-credit work placement (last trimester)

Students choose from fourteen modules:

Terminology and translation technology Project Management
Digital Communication Management Desktop publishing


Introduction to Language Processing with Python
Audio-visual Language Techniques Advanced Language Processing with Python
Machine Translating and post-editing  Natural Language Processing
Technical Writing
Open Language Learning (UNED-course)
Advanced Website Management Mobile Assisted Language Learning (UNED-course)

Students can also compile their own programmes with one or more modules. Only those students who have taken up at least 30 credits will be considered for the work placement and can enrol in the UNED-courses. 

All courses are taught in English.

Practical information

Partners (work placements and/or guest lectures)



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