Postgraduate Studies

The Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication offers four postgraduate studies:

Dutch programmes:

Postgraduate Conference Interpreting

Course specifications in Dutch

The Postgraduate Conference Interpreting programme is aimed at students with a thorough command of Dutch and two foreign languages, who wish to perfect their consecutive and simultaneous interpreting skills in a conference context. The students choose two languages: German, English or French as their first foreign language (VT1) and German, English, French, Italian, Spanish or Turkish as their second foreign language (VT2).

Conference interpreting traditionally consists of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Even though simultaneous interpreting is mostly used in a professional context, consecutive interpreting is a crucial preparation for simultaneous interpreting.

Course content

The programme consists of six modules of interpreting practice and four modules of more general interpreting training.

Interpreting practice has four modules for the first foreign language (VT1): two modules of consecutive interpreting (into and from Dutch) and two modules of simultaneous interpreting (into and from Dutch). For the second foreign language (VT2), students only attend the two modules interpreting into Dutch.

General interpreting training involves Dutch speaking skills, interpreting theory and deontology, interpreting techniques and European institutions.                                                    

Job market

In an age of political and economic globalisation , the demand for conference interpreters is on the rise. Despite the greater role English plays as lingua franca in Europe and across the world, there is much need for conference interpreting: many people do not speak English well enough to communicate without an interpreter in a specialised context.

Admission Requirements

Anyone with a Master of Arts and excellent language skills can sit the entrance exam which tests practical language skills, along with the ability to speak and summarise. Successful candidates will be allowed to enrol.  Those with a Master in Interpreting are exempt from the test in the languages they studied in their Masters.

Students with a foreign diploma must follow an additional procedure. For more information, please email , specifying your diploma and your country of origin.

Registering for the entrance exam via

Upon receipt you will receive an invitation to sit the entrance exam.

The tuition fee is calculated on the basis of the number of modules taken up by the student. For more information see the website of the University of Ghent:

Prof. dr. Bart Defrancq, coordinator

Postgraduate Complementary International Studies

The Postgraduate Complementary International Studies is a programme that offers those with a Master of Arts in Translation, in Interpreting or in Multilingual Communication, obtained at the University of Ghent, the opportunity of studying an additional year abroad, under the Erasmus+ programme.  

Specifically, the programme offers students the chance to acquire another foreign language and, in doing so, strengthen their market position. The range of foreign languages on offer includes German, Finnish, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Turkish, subject to availability. 

Those who wish to apply, or for more information, please contact Mrs An Desmet, the International Relations Coordinator ( )

English programmes:

Postgraduate Computer-Assisted Language Mediation

Course specifications

The postgraduate Computer-Assisted Language Mediation (CALM) is an advanced, high-quality professional training programme that focuses on the technological skills and tools required in today’s information society.

By focusing on technological competencies, the CALM postgraduate programme complements the current language and communication degrees such as Masters in Translation, Interpreting, Multilingual Communication, Languages and Literature, Journalism Studies, Communication Studies, etc.

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Postgraduate Dutch and Translation

Course specifications

The postgraduate programme Dutch & Translation is a one-year academic programme (60 credits). It is designed for non-Dutch-speaking students holding a bachelor’s or master’s degree in languages who want to study the Dutch language intensively and at a high level, and who want to acquire solid translation skills and knowledge of translation tools. It is a unique programme in the Dutch-speaking area.

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