General information

CALM involves a three-month work placement (20 credits) in the students’ preferred language, translation or communication industry where they gain relevant work experience.


The departmental work placement supervisor will publish a number of work placement proposals on the electronic learning platform MINERVA. These work placement proposals have been provided by the network of companies with which the department closely collaborates (see below).

CALM-students can apply for those work placements which they are most interested in, provided their curriculum profile meets the work placements criteria. The participating companies might invite students for an interview in person or via Skype in order to screen the candidates.

Students can also submit a work placement proposal of their own which will need to be approved by the academic coordinator and the work placement supervisor.


The work placement takes places in the second semester and starts on Monday 23 March 2020 and runs until (and including) Friday 12 June 2020.

 The CALM students will present their work placement projects during a dedicated workshop on Thursday 25 June 2020 at the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication of Ghent University, in the presence of their lecturers, the work placement providers and their fellow students.

Contact details:

Christophe Wybraeke, work placement supervisor: or